Local Grain Services

Tyson LGS was developed to build relationships with and resources for the farmers who provide local grain to feed our birds. Buying corn directly from the local farmer allows the money we spend on grain to stay in local communities, as well as provide the highest quality grain for our birds. We have developed multiple resources for you to sell your grain, including a mobile app and website, where you can view bids, create contracts, track transactions, and receive updates from your feed mills and grain merchandisers.

Meet the Team

(L to R) Paige Acklie, Jordan May, Maggie Jo Hansen, Brett Price, Josh Carroll

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Tyson Foods, Inc.

The Tyson family began this business during the hardships of the Great Depression in the small town of Springdale, Arkansas. Since then, we have grown into one of the world’s largest food companies. Even though our business changes as we grow and adapt to meet the needs of our customers, our service and commitment to you and your business remain the same.